Agile and Lean for Construction

Large scale construction projects suffer from cost and time overruns that are typically a symptom of productivity problems and directly affect overall industry profitability. As a result, methodologies have been developed to reduce the risk of overruns and improve project outcomes. A number of these methods are based upon Lean production principles that focus on identifying value, eliminating waste and creating a smooth flow of materials, information and work. The application of Lean to construction is based upon treating the construction site as a temporary production line and is referred to as Lean Construction.

Agile methods have been found to improve the reliability of project delivery in complex environments, by decomposing the scope into small manageable parts, then completing these parts in order of greatest value. Although Agile and Lean methods share many common values and principles, Agile methods have not been properly investigated as a means of reducing the overruns associated with large scale construction projects.

In the presentation below I explore the similarities and differences between Agile, Lean and Construction.

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